Outsource Animation for under $50: real examples

Real life examples of animation outsourcing. Names, Prices, Results all is revealed. Outsourcing affordable animation

Save time and money with this popular course!

Get your own ready to use Animation for your business under -$50
You don't have to learn any new software, it is all done for you!

Learn how to outsource animation in a fast, easy, five-day program!


What do you get?

  • Fifteen Real Life Outsourcing Examples, step by step documented.
  • Five different outsourcing platforms, not only Fiverr or Upwork!
  • Know what you get for $5, and what the difference is with one for $50.
  • Decide if you want to use software or hire a freelancer
  • Have an overview of the available platforms of freelancers and their prices
Let me teach you the best, up-to-date, reliable possibilities to get animation for your small business website and a small price.

" This course gives me a lot of information and resources to know where I can get high-quality outsourcing animation for decent prices. Anneke has done all the research for you and now I just need to pick which one is best for my project. This saves you tons of time! " Rose Suen.


You will learn

  • how to find a good animator for an affordable price on Fiverr(under $50)
  • make a test promo from a fill in the blank animation website
  • a two-step outsourcing process to make your animation cheaper
  • get to know a Business-in-a-box animation system with excellent quality animation
  • explore the other platforms to find animators and take a look into the higher end of the market
Enroll in this five-day Outsourcing Animation Challenge now and have you much needed animation in a few days, without having to learn the software!

New Promo Animation: Explaindio,Doodle labs and Fiverr voice-over
Sneakpeek! An animation compilation . Outsourcing all!
Bird's View: Overview of the content of the outsourcing animation course.
Make a script, start your outsourcing with ordering two voice-overs for $5 each.
Introduction : Eight times an easy video animation made in outsourcing on Fiverr
This is how you do your research on Fiverr for your outsourcing project.
Blue, text and music. This video animation swings! Outsourcing works!
Run away with the script! See the cartoon version, did this outsourcing work?
Follow the hand in the animation: get the message! Outsourcing succesfull!
Moving and talking persona's: our animation to a new level. For $50? Really?
Is outsourcing video animation also possible for $5 or $10? Judge for yourself.
Untitled Lesson
Easy templates have your professional video animation appear for your eyes.
I want you to try it(for free) because you will have your animtion fast
Swinging text that works, kinetic text video animation, is it outsourcing?
Practise on this one, although it is too expensive, we can still make a preview
Where to find all these beautiful professional animation templates?
Know how to outsource the expensive video animations from day 2 made for less money.
Make these two steps: buy an animation template and go outsourcing to Fiverr
Lets do this with a Whiteboard animation template too for a different effect
And now for a cheaper way in the two step process with outsourcing.
Where are these animation templates exactly? And the outsourcer, please?
Get a ready made easy animation that can be adapted for your business
How does Doodle work?
Come with me inside The Labs of Whiteboard Animation
Compare Powtoon and Doodle images for outsourcing
Now do this!
My solution with lab images
An example of what you get as a business in a box
Where do I find this business in a box doodle thingie?
Guru.com, we look and compare and look for outsourcing our job
Upwork: Now we found one! Outsourcing is possible, after all even for this price
People per hour: Animate an Avatar of yourself, speaking with lipsync.
The Professionals: Can you afford them? Powtoon animation market place
The Professionals: learn from them Sparkol animation marketplace.
Where to find the experts for easy outsourcing video animation
Let me introduce something different: outsourcing for free through software
Meet the animation software
Try it for free, make your animation now
Look how I made the rolling blocks animation
You can make 20 of these animations for $19
Get to know 6 different animation softwares of the new generation
Powtoon, the easiest one while having fun and also professional animation
VideoScribe, draw the story, follow the voice, make a creative animation
Explaindio3, draw over real live video, use video with with animation
VideoMaker FX, beautiful slide packs for animation and for a small price
Easy Sketch Pro, animation software for a really low price.
GoAnimate, here the animated figures have the right moves, lots of freedom
Opinion on each animation software, make it easy for you to decide.
Conclusion : is outsourcing video animation possible under $50? yes!

What's included

  • 45 Video Lessons
  • 5 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Anneke Camstra