Make your first animation together with me

Let's make an animation together, or we can work on your animation. Afterwards, you get the recording.

Take this Coaching for $99.00
Are you looking for the fastest way to bring your message with video?

Words are dry, your face is for radio, and you hate PowerPoint?

So how do you tell the world what you found out?

Let me help you to express your wisdom with drawing, movement, music and a story.
When this works well together, the viewer will have an experience, where all senses are involved.
Let’s bring out the troubadour in you.

No need to be on camera, no need for fancy equipment.
Just the right animation software that fits you and your brand.
There is a whole new generation of software that makes it very easy and very professional looking.
Even software where you just put in the text and the program makes the video.

I can help you with that in a one-hour session, on Zoom.
We will make an animation together in this hour, that you can use right away!
Afterwards, you get the recording.

I am experienced in all new software that can translate your words into images and video.
Video will be the dominant medium in the coming years on Social Media.
“Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users” –

I have been teaching animation software on in 15 courses to over 8000 students.
In one hour I will question you about your business and you as a person, and work with you on a software that will make your life easy and your reach much wider.

We will work together on a short sample.
After that, I will send you the recording.
Total price $99.

And one hour of your time.

Course Curriculum

My undivided attention for 1 hour

Anneke Camstra