Freelancing as an Animator, Fiverr and more

How to become a top Fiverr Animator, Sell Your Animation Videos on the Warrior Forum; as an Book Review Animation or As a Promo

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Course Curriculum

Fiverr Animation Specialist, the new software makes it easier than ever!
Do these 34 tricks and you will make your animation job in no time.
Become a Level One and Two seller in two months
Get to know 6 different animation softwares to start your animation Jobs
Powtoon, the easiest animation software for fun and professional results
VideoScribe, draw the story, follow the voice, become creative, unlock your mind
Explaindio, draw over real live video, use video with animated slides.
VideoMakef FX, beautiful slide packs, animation software for a small price
Easy Sketch Pro, software for a really low price.
GoAnimate, here the animated figures have the right moves, lots of freedom
Experts opinion on each animation software make Animation Jobs on Fiverr
Lets look for some Fiverr heroes first: what we want to be when we grow up
Update on our Fiverr heroes, they have more reviews and higher prices!
Research the competition on Fiverr: Get succesful in Animaton Jobs
Advanced research on Fiverr, a new and surprising way to do yo your research
How to sign up the right way for successfull Animation Jobs on Fiverr
Make your first Fiverr Animation Gig, and do everything right the first time
A Big Open Market,: Book trailers, you will be amazed what the possibilities are
Make intro animation for Udemy teachers of Udemy, they all need one, all 25.000!
Make Promo videos for Fiverr Gigs, 1 million possible clients for Animation Jobs
Make an animation for your affiliate products on Clickbank and JVZoo
Sell whiteboard animation templates, yes templates, learn how to sell them
eCard factory and scrapbooking in animation form
Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Party Invitations,Animation Jobs for Grabs!
GoAnimate is the higher standard now for getting Gigs, take a look
Learn from the top sellers in Fiverrs podcast
Where to find Masters with Animation Jobs in Whiteboard Animation
Look at the professionals on Clickbank, and learn from their ideas
A look in the future, what is possible after Fiverr with your animation jobs
Fiverr Animation Expert on a shoestring, the road to an experienced animator
Examples of working in Video Scribe
Fat Wallet Writer turns Content Queen part 1
The middle of the fat wallet, part 2
Still not very happy with the Fat Wallet
Content Queen final version (formerly called Fat Wallet Writer)
Starting with nothing, get the creative juices flowing
How to upload your animation to Youtube
How to put an animation behind your head
Your roadmap for animation freelancing jobs
Example Book Trailer Animation
Book trailer Animation from the Kindle Store
Update on Amazon's display of videos under each book
Example: Kinetic Text Animation in Explaindio
Example: Whiteboard Animation, Sparkol Video Scribe, tell your story in images.
Example: Animated Characters in Powtoon, be a professional from the start.
This is where Explaindio shines. See me work with an HD turtle video, with text
Green screen in Camtasia: let the animations play behind your head, be unique!
Become an Animation Specialist, build your skill step by step, become indepent!
Start selling Animation on the Warrior Forum
Example of a post
Check out the competition for animation offers
The example we are offering
Making and formatting an offer for animation in the Warrior for Hire section
Upload to the Warrior Forum and activate the offer
Use Clickbank in two ways with animation
Make a website Example
Now that you are an experienced animator: go find your jobs here.
Udemy Intro Videos from Jacqui Malpass, Paul Jenkins, Scott McElroy and Matt Carson
Fiverr examples of intro videos
Reviews of WSO
How to produce a template ready for selling
Information about the software

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