Animate your Facebook Cover(for early adopters)

Make entertaining animations with a convincing message for your Facebook page cover

Are you ready to create a powerful short animation for your Facebook Page Cover?

Facebook is rolling out a brand new feature: for you page cover you can now use video!

This is free marketing on the most eye-catching part of your page.

Here's what you will take away from this course:

  • Create an effective and powerful animation that will speak to and engage your audience in 20-90 seconds.
  • Understand the huge benefits of animation social media marketing on  Facebook
  • An inside view of three different animation software's: Powtoon, VideoScribe and GoAnimate
  • A short demonstration of how easy it is to make an animation like this, that is entertaining and effective
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This course will make you a frontliner
This is brand new, look at us and look at them
Is your Page ready for Video?
Uploading to facebook, easy(if you have it already)
Cover made in Powtoon: Join my group with arrow
Cover made in GoAnimate: You need Video on Facebook
Cover made in VideoScribe
Problem Solution Call to Action
Look over my shoulder how I look for an animator on Fiverr
Make a cutout overlay of your name and put video behind it
Four free video sites and two paid sites

Learned a ton of stuff in little time FOR FREE!

Tobi , 2 years ago

My greatest takeaway from this was the free stock video sites. I never even knew those existed! All in all it was a great one. Excited to see what I would create from it.

Useful and easy to follow

Jessica , 2 years ago

Thanks for the help and advice 😀 Something that I want to continue for my business.

Fatema Tonu , 2 years ago

Thank you

Such A Helpful Course

Pippa Davies , 2 years ago

Anneke's course is terrifically useful - as an overview as to how you can use animation as well as how to make a header specifically for Facebook. Her style is great too: most practical, easy-going and fun!

Amazing summary on how to make animation for my business!

Ieva , 2 years ago

I have been thinking for a while now that I should make a video for my Social Media Management Service Facebook Page Purple Star Media and now I am very inspired to do it as soon as possible! Thank you, Anneke for these tutorials! Amazing value!

What's included

  • 11 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Anneke Camstra